Our Modus Operandi

At the beginning of a new client assignment we meet with key stakeholders to:

  • Share and gather information
  • Clarify expectations
  • Review and assess arrangements and commitments made-to-date
  • Identify and confirm objectives
  • Offer advice and make suggestions
  • Establish a timeline

We look at the precedence and protocol of previous meetings and events, and the practices of the client organization to inform current program, logistics and protocol development.

Then we draft a Working Program, a Critical Path and a Budget for further discussion with stakeholders and approval to implement.

As logistic requirements are identified and confirmed, we initiate and follow-up on arrangements.

During the planning phase through to the orchestration of the actual event, we communicate frequently with the client lead, and regularly with steering group members and key stakeholders who may be directly involved in the planning and logistics process. We also keep in close touch with service providers and team members to confirm arrangements, monitor progress and track delegated follow-through.

Immediately before and during the event we are on site supervising, monitoring, and troubleshooting arrangements and scenarios.

We stage-manage the final production so that everyone involved is comfortable with their respective roles. Participants, guests, organizers, and service providers all know what is expected of them, what to expect and how and when to do what.

From the outset we work to ensure that program objectives and expectations are clearly defined and understood and that scenarios are both well-conceived and supported. Events unfold as planned, changing circumstances are seamlessly accommodated, and the unexpected is quickly addressed and handled in a professional and orderly fashion. And, throughout the assignment, we work to keep expectations realistic, programs effective and expenses within budget.