Site and Facility Management

Site  |  Facility Management

Choosing a venue and making facility space commitments are probably the most important decisions you will make, with far reaching implications. These commitments are made at the beginning of the event development process, usually—and regrettably—before professional expertise has been solicited.

Accommodation & Travel

Accommodation & Travel


Accommodation may mean a room block in a single hotel or a selection of accommodation options. D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. works with its clients to identify appropriate accommodation options, negotiates the room block with accommodation providers, and handles on-going pre-conference accommodation inquiries and troubleshooting.

Speaker Services

Speaker Management


D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. provides full liaison and coordination support to speakers and presenters—from the initial invitation to participate, through continuing communications about arrangements, to the collection of background info (bio, photo) and presentation materials, to onsite logistics.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Management

Sponsor & Exhibitor Management


Sponsor support is critical to the success of most events and is often the primary revenue stream. When exhibits or a trade show is involved, exhibitor participation is a key component of the event mix. As such sponsors and exhibitors are important stakeholders with their own sets of priorities and requirements. Facilitating their participation and integrating their respective agendas into an event program is an important logistic.



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DRDA has extensive experience managing registration, from simple meeting attendee lists to complicated programming constructs involving multi-level and multi-stream conference fees, hospitality ticketing, and pre and post conference activities.


Audio-visual | Multimedia
From presentation essentials to Wow factor razzmatazz, state-of-the-art audio-visual and leading edge multimedia capability is an no longer an optional extra, it is a required component of today's meetings and events.