Full-service MEETING and EVENT Professionals since 1987!

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. has been delivering successful meetings and conferences for over 30 years and provides a full range of event management and logistics services to meet a wide assortment of meeting requirements and event scenarios. Leverage our expertise to get the best value for your budget, a commitment to excellence and attention to the small details that make a difference. Successful meetings and events reflect the skill and experience invested in organizing them.


What We Do

In Play Since 1987

Well-conceived and skillfully-orchestrated event scenarios provide a strategic environment for presentations, discussion, problem solving and creative thinking. They set the tone for important consultations, they promote goodwill and they enhance participant satisfaction, key elements that contribute to the realization of function objectives.

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Details  |  Details  |  More Details

The foundation of a successful event is in the logistics—the careful and detailed advance preparations—facility, equipment and service arrangements, supplier tracking and follow-up, stakeholder liaison, team building and more—that set the scene for the actual production.

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Online  |  Extensible  |  Managed

DRDA's registration rollout is cost-effective, easy-to-use and fully managed, providing organizers with an easily accessed reporting interface for tracking attendee signup and other registration information, simple and instant payment processing, and auto-generated confirmation emails and other notifications.

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Look & Feel

All events have a look and feel
Even nothing is a look and feel

Effective events are branded with an appropriate and consistent identity that engages the eye, adds visual interest and impact, embodies your value proposition, gives your event an instantly recognizable presence.

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Audio Visual


From presentation essentials to Wow factor razzmatazz, state-of-the-art audio-visual and leading-edge multimedia capability is no longer an optional extra, it is a required component of today's meetings and events.

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Cue the Stage Manager

The program is set, arrangements made, the players are ready and the day has finally arrived — time to move the scenery into place and cue the Stage Manager—we're going live.

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