Sponsor & Exhibitor Management


Sponsor support is critical to the success of most events and is often the primary revenue stream. When exhibits or a trade show is involved, exhibitor participation is a key component of the event mix. As such sponsors and exhibitors are important stakeholders with their own sets of priorities and requirements. Facilitating their participation and integrating their respective agendas into an event program is an important logistic.


Sponsor Management

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. works with its clients to develop an effective Sponsorship Package and follows up with sponsors as they sign up, to coordinate and facilitate their involvement and ensure that they receive the exposure, recognition and benefits they signed up for. We coordinate sponsor logo branding on loot and recognition on event communications materials, and assist with other sponsor logistics such as sponsor participation in the program as presenters.


Exhibition Management

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. works with its clients to develop an effective Exhibitor Prospectus and Exhibits Floor Plan. As exhibitors come on board we assist with booth space selection, booth furniture and decor requirements, show services (e.g. electrical, cleaning), customs and receiving. We negotiate and oversee contracts and invoicing as required and we follow up with exhibitors to assist with any pre-conference changes, challenges and/or new requirements. On site we coordinate, supervise and troubleshoot exhibitor arrivals and setup, takedown and departures. We prepare and distribute exhibitor information kits including an exhibitor guide (instructions, policies and procedures, rules and regulations, scheduling information, FAQs when required, etc.) and show services forms.