Planning & Management



Advice and guidance may be all you need, or the introductory step in a full planning and management assignment.

Advice & Guidance   |   Critical Path   |   Budget   |   Program Development   |   Facilities & Services


The participation of a consultant for a few hours in the early stages of an event project can be an invaluable source of information and save a lot of grief later—especially when choosing and negotiating a venue, frequently done before the event management company is hired.

We advise on sites and facilities, logistics, hospitality, accommodation, registration, protocol, transportation, ancillary activities and the many other details associated with planning and organizing meetings and events.

We help you to identify function requirements, objectives and expectations, explain practice and precedence and recommend the most appropriate, effective or advantageous options and possibilities. We can give you ideas, suggest alternatives and outline the costs involved.


  • Identify goals
  • Establish objectives
  • Outline program
  • Identify management, financial oversight and key logistic requirements

First Things First

  • Book site and facilities
  • Budget
  • Critical Path
  • Draft working program

Next Up

  • Event branding
  • Registration
  • Accommodation
  • Policies and procedures
  • On-going project development
  • Logistics, logistics, logistics




Full Project, Program and Component Services Management—From advice, planning, and program development, through logistics, to event delivery and post-event wrap-up.


Typically, we are either:

  • Integrated into your team early on and involved in all stages of the project from beginning to end. Or,
  • We provide a specialised component service, or services, to support a program you have developed and are running yourself.
  • We can also help you plan and set up your event project and then you run with it.


We work closely with our clients to build meetings and events from the ground up with programs that meet project objectives and reflect budgetary realities.

We help you focus your ideas and objectives, suggest scenarios, develop a detailed program and implement plans. Then we make all the necessary arrangements, take care of the small courtesies and details that make a difference, and coordinate the project.