Logistics is the detailed coordination of the people, facilities, supplies and/or services involved in a complex operation. The foundation of a successful event is in the logistics—the careful and detailed advance preparations that set the scene and underpin the actual production.

All meetings and events require some level of logistics support and all events share basic requirements upon which the special characteristics of a variety of scenarios are built. Arrangements may be simple and straight forward or extensive and elaborate, they may involve a handful of people or a cast of thousands.

The nature and objectives of a meeting/event, plus the number and collective profile of the participants, guides the choice of venue, services, hospitality, and courtesies to be organized—whether a function is a half-day meeting, a gala dinner, a two-day symposium, a week-long conference with multiple meetings, functions and venues, or a high-profile international summit.

Once the size, shape, objectives and profile of the event have been established, its time for the logistics. The first crucial logistic is to select and book the venue. Next up accommodation, then registration, hospitality, protocol, transportation, multimedia, ancillary activities, and so on.


D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. Logistic Services


Our Logistics Services list outlines the key components of a meeting or event project and reflects some of the many services we offer. It represents the countless details that must be identified, developed, organized, booked and coordinated. We follow up with on-going component development, facilitation, liaison and troubleshooting. You may need assistance with only one, two, several, or all of the logistics components associated with your event such as:

The Fundamentals

  • Site selection—book the venue
  • Accommodation—secure hotel room block
  • Branding for ALL communications
  • Registration setup
  • Program & scenarios development
  • Audio-visual & multimedia essentials
  • Hospitality plans and setups
  • Communications & promotion collateral
  • Exhibitor & sponsor management
  • Speaker management
  • Interpretation arrangements
  • Onsite coordination

Planning & Management

  • Advice & guidance
  • Budget
  • Critical path
  • Scenarios planning
  • Program development
  • Supplier negotiations & contracts management
  • Financial management

Communications & Promotion

  • Planning—strategy, tools, messaging, scheduling
  • Management—implementation, production coordination, materials and supplier management, stakeholder liaison
  • Branding—Logo, look & feel
  • Design & Production—develop, design and produce digital, web and print content
  • Website—design, build, maintain, feed
  • Mobile App—graphics, content, setup

Registration Management

  • Registration and participant management: delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors
  • Online signup and reporting
  • Inquiries and troubleshooting
  • Onsite intake and coordination
  • Name badges
  • Disability & Special Needs

Programs & Scenarios

  • Conference agenda—plenary, breakouts
  • Event program
  • Associated programs
  • Networking
  • Ancillary activities
  • Speaker management
  • Function design and setup

Exhibitor | Sponsor Mgmt

  • Sponsorship Package
  • Exhibitor Prospectus
  • Exhibitor and Show Services
  • Sponsor coordination
  • Benefits fulfillment

Technical & Multimedia

  • Projection—classic meeting projection, multi-display synchronization, projection mapping, blended panoramic projection
  • Video—Live/video streaming, video conferencing, webcasting, videography
  • Audio—high-definition sound systems, wired or wireless microphones, ultra-compact speakers, full-concert systems
  • Lighting & Rigging—illuminated custom gobos, spotlights, highlights, decorative floor uplighting, intelligent lighting.
  • Interactive technology—e-posters, multi-touch kiosks, interactive video walls, touch screens, audience response technology
  • Staging

Speaker Management

  • Manage Speaker Participation—invitation through followup to collection of  bio, photo and presentation, to onsite coordination.
  • Pre-event Liaison Support—technical support requirements (e.g. embedded videos, lavalier microphones, slide advance system); travel assistance (as required).
  • Speaker & Presenter Notes—preparation
  • Onsite Support & Coordination—greet, brief, onsite dry runs, cueing, troubleshooting and general hand-holding.
  • Speaker Gifts—suggestions, acquisition logistics.

Accommodation & Travel


  • Negotiate room rates
  • Set up and coordinate block bookings
  • Prepare contracts
  • Identify alternate accommodation options
  • Delegate inquires and troubleshooting

Travel & Transportation

  • Negotiate with airlines
  • Booking codes
  • Itinerary coordination
  • Delegate inquires and troubleshooting
  • Transportation between program venues, excursions

Hospitality & Entertainment

  • Breakfasts
  • Breaks
  • Luncheons
  • Receptions
  • Dinners
  • Entertainment


  • Braille
  • Large type
  • Mouth
  • Sign
  • Simultaneous
  • Touch
  • Whisper

On Site  |  Post-Event Followup

  • On-site coordination and troubleshooting
  • Stage management and protocol
  • On-site support services
  • Post-event clearing of accounts
  • Post-event reporting