On Site

Let the Games Begin


Prior to the actual start of your event, our team is on site to oversee the overall setup of the event—to ensure that all scenarios are appropriately furnished, equipped and supplied, all moving parts and services are in place and functioning as planned—and that all concerned with the event are prepared and comfortable with their respective roles.

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. stage manages and choreographs whole production so that the event flows smoothly and unfolds as expected.


We Monitor and Coordinate:


  • SETUP—Registration, audio-visual, exhibit, hospitality, interpretation...
  • SCENARIOS—Program and activities scenarios
  • DELEGATES—Delegate arrival and registration
  • CHOREOGRAPHY—The movement of hosts, guests and officials through the program.
  • ONSTAGE—Speakers on stage and the cueing and timing of presentations.
  • HOSPITALITY—The delivery of hospitality and other services.
  • TAKEDOWN—Post-event take-down.
  • AND then—The post-event clearing of accounts and reporting.