DRDA has extensive experience managing registration, from simple meeting attendee lists to complicated programming constructs involving multi-level and multi-stream conference fees, hospitality ticketing, and pre and post conference activities.

Over the years we’ve done this, that and the other—many other, including not providing registration services at all. In 2018, we reviewed, assessed and updated our registration rollout.


Full Registration Management and Coordination

  • Requirements assessment and planning.
  • Prerequisites development—categories and benefit levels, fee structure, policies and procedures, complimentary passes, data capture requirements.
  • Services, equipment and supplies sourcing.
  • Services procurement and contracts preparation, e.g. service suppliers, onsite staffing.
  • Supplies and equipment rental/acquisition, e.g. badge and kit supplies, onsite equipment.
  • Online form design, build and testing.
  • Reporting and stakeholder liaison.
  • Delegate inquiries and registration troubleshooting.
  • Name badges. DRDA provides for name badges—and for delegate kits, when delegate kits are required, e.g. bags, folios, binders.
  • Onsite coordination.


Online Form Build & Payment Processing Setup


Online Form Development Preliminaries
  • Data capture, options, processing, etc. requirements.
  • Email notifications, thank you text, etc requirements.
  • Payment setup requirements.
Online Form Reporting
  • Registered, pending, duplicates, cancellations, payment status, etc. lists.
  • Demographics data
  • Financial summaries—e.g. revenue, collected, outstanding
Online Build
  • Build the webform
  • Test the webform, payment processing interface and reporting structure.


Name Badges & Delegate Kits

DRDA provides for name badges—and for delegate kits (e.g. bags, folios, binders) when delegate kits are required.


Onsite Staffing

DRDA provides for and coordinates all onsite staffing including registration.