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Choosing a venue and making facility space commitments are probably the most important decisions you will make, with far reaching implications. These commitments are made at the beginning of the event development process, usually—and regrettably—before professional expertise has been solicited.

Booking event space looks pretty straight forward to the uninitiated and, if a suitable venue is available, something that can be done in an afternoon. However, properly exploring your options and negotiating the best possible arrangement for your budget and needs is a serious and full immersion business. It is not for the faint of heart and can legitimately take several weeks. Considerations include:

  • Wading through and understanding fluid availability.
  • Arcane facility opportunities and benefits.
  • Coping with fluctuating plenary, breakout, hospitality and accommodation space requirements.
  • Assessing and weighing the importance of this over that, and a myriad variable discounts and charges.
  • The back and forth with facility stakeholders.
  • Fully understanding your contractual obligations, because they are immutable and enforced.

Even if you continue on without the assistance of an event planner, this step should never be rushed and requires either hardcore experience, or professional expertise. The participation of an event consultant for a few hours in the early stages of an event project can be an invaluable source of information and save a lot of money and grief later.

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. has considerable expertise in this area and can help you to manoeuvre site selection idiosyncrasies and the shifting landscape of facility space requirements—at the outset and ongoing, as circumstances evolve and space programming requirements are fleshed out.