Audio-Visual & Multimedia

Not Just Bling


From presentation ESSENTIALS to WOW factor razzmatazz, state-of-the-art audio-visual and leading-edge multimedia capability is no longer an optional extra, it is a required component of today's meetings and events. All the traditional audio and visual equipment essentials are still in play, updated for the 21st century, our increasingly sophisticated digital world, expectations have increased exponentially.


Will You Have Fries With That?

Goodbye plain old microphone, overhead projector and flipchart. Hello sophisticated audio-visual production values and innovative technology—computer interfaces, giant and multi-screen stage setups, high-definition imaging, complex rigging, special effects, concert quality sound and lighting, live streaming and more.


You can choose from a myriad of constantly changing, multiplying and improving options:

  • Projection—classic meeting projection, multi-display synchronization, projection mapping, blended panoramic projection
  • Video—Live/video streaming, video conferencing, webcasting, videography
  • Audio—high-definition sound systems, wired or wireless microphones, ultra-compact speakers, full-concert systems
  • Lighting & Rigging—illuminated custom gobos, spotlights, highlights, decorative floor uplighting, intelligent lighting.
  • Interactive technology—e-posters, multi-touch kiosks, interactive video walls, touch screens, audience response technology
  • ...just to name a few.


The cost of what seem like unnecessary extras is usually a sticking point for many of our clients, but we have learned from experience that a little bit of "bling" goes a long way and contributes greatly to the effectiveness of presentations and the overall impact of an event—and pretty much always justifies the expense.

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. keeps pace with the changing audio-visual and multimedia scene, stick-handles audio-visual arrangements and works to get you the best "bling" for your buck.