Protocol & Staging


Effective protocol smooths the way and polishes the performance, providing a strategic environment for the business at hand.


Simply put, protocol is the efficient and seamless stage management of all functions, official or otherwise, and an accepted and established procedure to guide how a specialized activity should be performed—it is involved at some level at all meetings, conferences and events.

Founded on planning fundamentals that underpin all well-executed events, it embodies effective production coordination and adaptive people management and incorporates special courtesies and precedence appropriate for the occasion.



Ceremonial protocol comes into play at:

  • Award and presentation events.
  • Functions and activities involving, senior government ministers, ranking corporate executives and assorted VIPs.

Depending on the formality of the scenario, one or more of the following may be required:

  • Orders of precedence
  • Flying of flags
  • Ceremonial arrangements
  • Seating plans
  • Styles of address (greetings, invitations, correspondence)
  • VIP courtesies
  • Arrival greetings
  • Arrival and departure courtesies and procedures.

Diplomatic & International

Diplomatic and international protocol is a set of rules, procedures, conventions and ceremonies which reflect a globally-recognized and accepted code of international courtesy and recognition.

Based on principles of civility, cultural sensitivity, past practice and precedence, protocol codes embody well-established and time-honored rules and proven ways of effectively handling an assortment of ceremonial and diplomatic scenarios.

Stage Management

Protocol is also the efficient and seamless stage management of ALL functions, official or otherwise.