Accommodation & Travel


Accommodation may mean a room block in a single hotel or a selection of accommodation options. D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. works with its clients to identify appropriate accommodation options, negotiates the room block with accommodation providers, and handles on-going pre-conference accommodation inquiries and troubleshooting.

When a hotel is also the event venue, professional expertise and guidance is paramount. Experienced conference and meeting planners know their way around the ins and outs of the serpentine and arcane machinery of venue hotel booking scenarios—inexperience and uninformed decision making at this stage usually has serious implications going forward.


Travel & Transportation

Today, most delegates prefer to and can easily make their own travel arrangements—and more often than not get a better deal. However, some events have more challenging travel requirements, such as getting delegates from the far north to an event. Or,  travel to and from venues may be required for e.g. facility tours, optional pre- and post-conference excursions, and/or transport between program venues.

D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc. provides travel and transportation assistance and support for both standard and challenging travel scenarios. We can ID and connect with airlines large and small, mainstream and obscure; make bookings; manage connections and coordinate itineraries. And, we take care of multi-venue transportation requirements.